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By 2025, 70 million children
around the world will suffer from obesity


“Our Eat Like a Pro initiative aims to make healthy food enticing to children throughout the world, helping them eat what their heroes eat. Our aim is simple, to help reduce childhood obesity through prevention and education”

- CEO Beko

Our mission

Every year, statistics show children are eating worse: less fresh vegetables, fruits and fish, and more fat and sugar.

By the year 2025, there will be over 70 million children in the world suffering from obesity.**Source: World Health Organization

However feeding your children healthy food is a tough challenge.

That’s why Beko launches Eat Like A Pro, a global initiative to help parents around the world feed their children more healthy food.

As Premium partner of FC Barcelona, Beko knows exactly what the top players in the world eat every day in order to perform at their best.

By showing children what their heroes eat, we can make healthy food exciting.

And with our wide range of appliances featuring smart and helpful technologies to deliver healthy food at its best, Beko is proud to support families all around the world.

We are Beko.
We are FC Barcelona’s first choice for home appliances.
Because, to play at your best, it is time to Eat Like a Pro.

*Source: World Health Organization

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