Inspired by nature, designed to care

The most effective way of washing

New Beko Washing Machine Line offers a lot of innovative functions that take care of your laundry
easier, comfortable with elegant style. The new design with the various features and technologies make
Beko best for your clothes and better for nature.

Some features may not be available for all countries or all products.

Your secret hero:

ProSmart Inverter Motor

Because every team
is proud of its colours

In sports, as in life, it's all about teamwork. Let your colours stay the way you love them:
Beko washing machines with ProSmart InverterTechnology clean even the toughest stains – with less noise,
a lower energy consumption and higher durability.

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Prosmart Inverter Motor’s high performance is for your heart of peaceful life.


Beko washing machines with ProSmart Inverter motor technology help clean even the toughest stains and provide high durability.

Energy Saving

Beko with its environmental vision presents washing machines that saves 70% energy consumption in comparison to A+++ energy rating. This not only helps your home economy, but also the earth.


Beko washing machines with ProSmart InverterTechnology clean even the toughest stains – with less noise.

Wash cool, be eco-friendly
with CoolHygiene

Hygienic washing at 20 degrees for a green future. Let eco-friendly CoolHygiene clean your clothes even at 20 degrees. Allergen and bacteria free results comes naturally with CoolHygiene.

Allergy Free cleaning
approved by Allergy UK!

It is known that 12% of all babies are allergic. The specially develope antiallergic BabyProtect+™ program targets to provide antiallergic laundry for your sensitive skin and for your baby. You can get maximum hygienic cleansing results by the help of additional drum movements and sensitive temperature control. Temperature is continously maintained at a certain level throughout the wash cycle.

Additional rinse cycle provides perfect rinsing results which is very important for you and for your baby. This program is designed for allergens which can be found in daily life that are house dust mites, dog and cat allergens, pollens, live mites, bacterias and fungus. Moreover this program is also capable of removing all sorts of hair as well. Perfect for people having sensitive skins.

Cleans more,
consumes less!

Smart Beko washing machines help you to save detergent as well as energy and water. In regular washing machines, which do not have a detergent saving system, significant amount of the detergent is lost during washing cycle without being used. Specially developed AquaFusion™ Technology, featured in Beko washing machines, helps you make the most of energy, water and detergent at the same time.

In order to prevent detergent from being lost to drain, AquaFusion™ Technology seals the tub outlet until the rinse cycle and makes perfect use of it. As a result, besides providing an efficient cleaning and noticeably cleaner clothes, AquaFusion™ Technology saves 10% of detergent in every wash.

Clothes like new,
wash after wash!

Thanks to its new drum, paddle and door glass design and inspired by nature, Aquawave™ Technology of Beko washing machines simulates the motion of waves and protects your clothes from wearing out. The full interior design of the washing machine is replicating the gentle and also effective power of waves.

Clothes like new,
wash after wash!

Specially designed drum pattern and paddles carry your clothes away like waves, moving them smoothly. Plus curve on the glass provides a thorough mixing of laundry providing enhanced cleaning performance with less energy and water.

Quick anti-crease for your clothes

Intense steam releasing creases of your clothes quickly. SteamTherapy™ makes ironing much simpler and less time consuming.

You sleep, we wash

Night Mode runs the cycle so quiet that you can wash your clothes in
peace at night without bothering your neighbours. Given that the energy
rates are lower during night time, Night Mode is both quieter and
cheaper. It skips intermediate and final spin cycles ending
the programme in rinse hold mode, letting the user decide to
spin whenever suitable

Less noise, more comfort!

Feel the design superiority and the comfort of silence with
Beko Silent Tech Technology.

Less noise, more comfort!

The specially developed silent tech side wall design reduces
the vibration. Together with special damping system, inverter
brushless motor and additional cabin insulation, the ultra silent washing technology could be your next choice.

WY 124854 MW

12 kg
Aquawave™ Technology
A+++ (-10%)

WY 114764 MW

11 kg
Aquawave™ Technology
ProSmart™ Inverter Motor
A+++ (-20%)

WMY 101444 LB3

10 kg
ProSmart™ Inverter Motor
Aquawave™ Technology
A+++ (-10%)
Daily Xpress

WX 943440 W

9 kg
ProSmart™ Inverter Motor
Aquawave™ Technology
OptiSense® Technology
Daily Xpress